MIXPAC™ Mixpeel™ Cartridge because innovation matters

    MIXPAC™ Mixpeel™ Cartridge: the superior 1:1 ratio 2-in-1 cartridge solution designed for US Construction.

    Do you want to increase your success and simplify the work of the user? The new generation MIXPAC™ Mixpeel™ Cartridge is easier to fill with more fill volume, more sustainable with less waste, and is cheaper with superior performance. It is not only about being better, it’s about that feeling of knowing you made the right choice for those people using your products.

    For a limited time only, up to 20% off based on volume order purchase!

    An innovation that will convince you the second you hold it in your hands.

    Feel the innovation

    Patent pending peeler technology allows for a higher fill volume with less packaging and better performance.

    Feel the sustainability

    60% less material waste, 15% less packaging, and 12% more fill volume

    Feel the precision & simple handling

    The lighter weight of the 1K cartridge handles perfectly; 35% less dispensing force* allows maximum precision when applying; plus, it is easy to recap/reuse (*compared to similar cartridges with high viscous materials).

    Feel the functionality

    Easier to fill (larger inlets), front or backfilling customization, providing a higher fill volume

    Feel the compatibility

    Trust the MIXPAC system: all dispensers, cartridges, mixers match perfectly, guaranteed