Colibri mixing tips

The Colibri mixing tip differentiates itself due to its integrated smoothly rounded stainless steel cannula which is bendable and rotatable for highly precise dispensing even in difficult-to-reach areas.

One mixing tip for several indications

  • Reconstruction with root post & core build-up
  • Cementation of root post and post core
  • Bulk filling
  • Base/liner

Integrated smoothly rounded stainless steel cannula

  • Bendable & 360° rotatable - Easy access to difficult areas
  • Constant flow of material, even when the cannula is bent
  • No additional intra oral tip is required
  • Minimized risk of soft tissue trauma due to smooth, rounded cannula

T-Mixer mixing technology

  • Less material waste by up to 40%
  • Homogenous mixing results


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