Blunt endo needles for Luer lock syringes

    The transcodent™ Blunt Endo Irrgation Needles are suitable for all common disposable Luer & Luer Lock syringes. The rounded cannula tube is especially suitable for the irrigation of periodontal pockets and root canals.


    • Blunt

    • Luer Lock thread

    • Rounded cannula tube

    • Bendable

    • Sterilized with ethylene oxide

    • Individually packaged in blisters

     Dimension (Gauge)  Dimension (mm)  Hub colour  Article No. Transcodent
     25G  0.5 x 42  yellow  162071
     27G  0.4 x 23  blue  162020
     30G  0.3 x 23  green  162021


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