Injection needles with Luer lock

    Easy bendable for direct suction equipped with Luer lock.

    Advantages and Benefits

    • Three-edge lancet grinding
    • Siliconized cannula
    • Suitable for Luer and Luer Lock syringes
    • Sterilized with ethylene oxide
    • Packaged in blisters
    • Ergonomic designed stainless steel handpiece with 2 years warrenty



    Each high quality Luer Injection Needles has a three-edge lancet grinding and a siliconized cannula for smooth entry and reduced pain. The Luer Injection Needles are suitable for all common disposable Luer & Luer Lock syringes. The Luer Injection Needles are certified and manufactured according to European Standard ISO/ DIN 7864. The Colour Coding accords to DIN EN ISO 6009.


    Luer lock handpiece for suction needles

    Provides an enhanced field of view and precise suction in difficult areas. Combined with the suction needles the Transcodent Luer lock handpiece isused for precise evacuation  with maximal field of view. It can also be used for passive irrigation techniques / root canal treatments. It can be connected to a suction hose utilizing the enclosed adapter.



    • High quality steel
    • Capable of sterilization
    • For saliva ejector
    • Warranty: 2 years



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