Mixpeel™ Cartridge

    Mixpac Mixpeel

    160ml, 280ml, 265ml


    1:1, 2:1, 10:1


    MGQ (Quadro), KMGQ (High Flow)

    Easily apply 2-components with 1-component dispensers.

    Product Features

    • Compatible with MIXPAC™ mixers and dispensers
    • 2-in-1 cartridge with cutter unit inside
    • High filling volume
    • Separated outlets
    • 1-step fitted closure
    • Bigger outlets through new side-by-side design

    The key feature of MIXPAC Mixpeel is compactness and convenience, as the system can hold 2-component adhesives in a 1-component style cartridge. The innovate Mixpeel cartridge can be used for a wide range of industrial and construction applications, like chemical anchoring, bonding, crack repair, and 2-component polyurethane filling volumes.

    Peeler cartridges have one tremendous advantage: 2-components materials can easily be dispensed with almost any 1-component dispenser for a wide range of applications. No extra pistons are needed. Peeler front filling is much easier due to the side-by-side outlet. Peeler cartridge is available in various mixing ratios with volumes of 160, 265 and 280 mL, compatible with a dedicated range of MIXPAC mixers and dispensers.

    Cutting edge Peeler technology to ease everyday life

    The cutter unit which is situated behind the pistons is pushed forward together with the pistons when the cartridge is dispensed. In doing so it is cutting the inner tube in slices, pushing them to the side so that it and the plunger can move on.


    Mixpeel 1:1 280 mL
    Economically and ecologically the best in class of 2in1 packaging solutions for adhesive applications

    The Mixpeel 1:1 280 mL cartridge was designed to meet specifically the needs for front filling. Its bigger outlet realized through side-by-side outlet and new decentralized outlet geometry grant an easy, fast, and straight material filling without friction loss. Moreover, also the application is easy and needs 35% less force. Due to the higher filling volume of 280 mL and the very low material waste <5 mL which stays in the cartridge, the volume is 12% higher and the material waste 60% lower than with an comparable cartridge available on the market.

    The packaging waste of Mixpeel has also been reduced by 15%.


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