PNEUMATIC dispenser COX AirFlow™ 600 1:1

    A 2-component pneumatic bead dispenser for 600 mL 1:1 ecopaCC cartridges


    ·       Lightweight: 2.5kg / 5.5lbs

    ·       Cartridge Holder Length: 270mm / 10.6in

    ·       Maximum Thrust: 4kN

    ·       Maximum Pneumatic Pressure: 8bar / 116psi

    ·       Air Consumption: 40 litres/min

    ·       Handle Material: Reinforced Nylon

    ·       Cartridge Holder Material: Aluminum

    ·       Frame Material: Steel

    ·       Tool Component Approvals: CE

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    Weight 260gr, Lenght: 270mm / 10.6in

    Maximum Thrust


    Maximum Pneumatic Pressure

    8bar / 116psi

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