MIXPAC™ Big Dose


    Black, mint green, red, yellow




    0.5 ml

    Big Dose is the efficient solution for precise filling and perfect unit dose for dental materials as varnish, desensitizer and plaque identifier.

    Advantages and Benefits 

    • The filing quantity up to 0.5 ml enables filling of ensure a bigger volumes as conventional products and therefore is suitable for liquids as varnish
    • High barrier properties (COC+HD-PE) make it migration resitant against common solvent & monomers, avoiding additional pouches and waste
    • Four f(l)avor colors: black, mint, red, yellow and the customized printing allow makes an individualized solution for your product
    • The unique and ergonomic design as well as the integrated pedestal brings the dentist comfortable and easy handling (“break, dip, apply”) The hygienic single use packaging ensures a safe application and supports to prevent patients cross-contamination
    • Migration resistant polymer properties guarantee the same application material quality for each patient

    MIXPAC™ Big Dose - Liquid Unit Dose

    Big Dose Portfolio

    Benefit from our Contract Filling Service and Additional Services behind and the new Big Dose primary packaging becomes a carefree package for you and to keep your customers smile.

    Beyond black as standard packaging, additional colors might e.g. represent common flavors of varnish: red as Cherry, mint green as Mint and yellow as Melon. 

    Your Vision - our practice              

    You will receive the Mixpac Big Dose filled and customized with your individual label and packaging. Benefit from our full-service solution, so you can focus on your core business. 

    For more information, please visit our service page about the filling service (Link to filling service) or contact your personal contact.



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