There’s only one true MIXPAC™

    The trusted Candy Colors™ from Switzerland have the highest degree of clinical efficacy and engineering excellence.

    Successful outcomes always begin with Swiss Quality. Don’t be fooled by counterfeit copies. Saving a few cents on mixing tips hides the true cost of using imposter tips, which can lead to poor mixing results, costly repeated procedures and the possibility of losing patients.

    MIXPAC™ Candy Colors™ mixing tips and seal of quality

    Don’t take a risk…take a tip from MIXPAC™. 

    Always use trusted MIXPAC™ mixing tips that come in the same box with the dental material. Genuine MIXPAC™ tips are Swiss made and provide a consistent high quality mix. Copycat mixing tips can lead to incomplete or improperly mixed materials, and potentially unsafe procedures.

    MIXPAC™ Swiss Quality at the Highest Level

    Always use the tips that come in the box—these are genuine MIXPAC™ tips designed and tested by the material manufacturer.

    The Candy Colors mean MIXPAC™ Quality.

    Trust the Candy Color Trademarks—they mean MIXPAC™, not a specific diameter.

    When reordering tips, reorder only from established suppliers.

    Material manufacturers specify a mixing tip model for a reason – the quality and consistency of the mix is important.

    Kianor Shah, DMD, Clearwater, Florida