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Precision is crucial in dentistry, and dental professionals are constantly looking for new and intelligent solutions to reliably achieve the most accurate results possible. As a global leader in high-precision application systems, medmix Dental provides its customers in the dental industry with uncompromising quality and excellent service in the form of the MIXPAC™ and transcodent™ brands.

MIXPAC is the original for innovative one- and two-component system solutions used to accurately mix, dispense and apply different types of dental materials for a variety of applications.
transcodent offers a high-quality range of sterile injection needles for anesthesia, needles for endo irrigation & evacuation and paste applications.

MIXPAC system solutions

MIXPAC is a global supplier for a comprehensive range of two- and one-component system solutions used to mix, dispense and apply various types of dental materials for a variety of application fields in prosthetics, adhesives, restoratives, prevention, esthetics and endodontics.

Two-Component Systems

Two-Components system solutions are meticulously matched, fully interchangeable and compatible with each other to ensure a precise, safe and efficient workflow.

One-Component Systems

One-Component systems are used to dispense and apply various types of single-component dental materials.


MIXPAC and transcodent provide a wide range of mixing tips, dispensers, needles, accessories and service solutions designed to interact with each system solution for outstanding precision performance.


Cartridges for 2.5 to 10 mL and 18 to 75 mL Systems.

Mixing Tips

Mixing tips provide homogenous and consistent mixing results for precision applications.


Dispensers help facilitate dispensing and application of low to high viscosity dental materials by lowering the extrusion force.


Effective barrier protection of multi-use application systems to protect​ the dentist, staff and patient against infectious disease.


Wide range of high-quality sterile injection needles for anesthesia as well as needles for endo irrigation & evacuation and paste applications.


You can expect more than just products from medmix. Our services cover your needs from A to Z. We help you focus on your core business and shorten your time to market.

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With MIXPAC, you and your customers benefit from a qualified superior system whose innovative product solutions guarantee excellent results: effective, safe, fully compatible and efficient. This is what the MIXPAC seal of quality stands for.


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