transcodent™ Suction Needles

For Luer Lock Handpiece

Products transcodent Suction

When it comes to reduced pain and more precision, transcodent is the name dentists trust.

14 G, 16 G ,18 G ,20 G

2.1 x 39 mm ,1.6 x 39 mm, 1.2 x 39 mm ,0.9 x 39 mm

Green, White, Pink, Yellow


Designed for effective suction in areas with difficult access such as root canal or in a surgical site during oral surgery. Recommended for use with transcodent Luer Lock Handpiece.

Product features and benefits

  • Bendable, Thin-wall, Thin annealed steel cannula enhances field of view and accessibility
  • Rounded tip minimizes trauma to soft/hard tissue

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