For the safety of your patients

Trust THE ORIGINAL 1150x540

What THE ORIGINAL can do for you

With MIXPAC™, you and your customers benefit from a qualified superior system whose innovative product solutions guarantee excellent results: effective, safe, fully compatible and efficient. This is what the MIXPAC seal of quality stands for.

Genuine MIXPAC products use the MIXPAC Quality Seal

✔ Advanced mixing technology

✔ Accurate results

✔ Excellent mixing quality

✔ Reduced material waste

✔ Compatible Swiss quality system

✔ Professional customer service

How to identify original MIXPAC products

MIXPAC original quality guarantees the highest reliability. In addition to the MIXPAC seal of quality, you can recognise genuine MIXPAC mixing tips by the following features.

The proprietary shape

MIXPAC owns valuable trademark protection for the shape of its products. Our mixing tips are available in any Candy Color, diameter, length, type or application.

The MIXPAC stamp

Genuine MIXPAC mixing tips have the MIXPAC brand stamped on the top edge.

The Candy Colors™

Six different colors – yellow, teal, blue, pink, brown and purple – distinguish the look of genuine MIXPAC products. Candy Colors have no technical meaning.

Made in Switzerland

Original MIXPAC mixing tips are made in Switzerland and fulfill the highest level of quality.

Beware of counterfeits

There are counterfeits of MIXPAC mixing tips on the market. These pose a number of risks that can rebound on you.

For the benefit of your patients, time, cost and reputation, rely on a proven and superior application system.

Always use the tips that come in the box—these are genuine MIXPAC™ tips designed and tested by the material manufacturer.

The Candy Colors mean MIXPAC™ Quality.

Trust the Candy Color Trademarks—they mean MIXPAC™, not a specific diameter.

When reordering tips, reorder only from established suppliers.

The trusted Candy Colors from Switzerland have the highest degree of clinical efficacy and engineering excellence.

For superior impressions use Candy Color MIXPAC TIPS.

Engineered with Swiss precision for unmatched clinical predictability. Quality tips mean a quality mix.

Material manufacturers specify a mixing tip model for a reason – the quality and consistency of the mix is important.

Kianor Shah, DMD, Clearwater, Florida


The Original Swiss Quality MIXPAC components are manufactured and certified according to ISO 9001 for industrial products and ISO 13485 for medical devices. For further information, download our Safety Brochure or contact your local customer service.



Did you know that thousands of illegal copies of MIXPAC™ mixing tips hit the market year after year? You may save a few cents, but that doesn’t outweigh the risk. Counterfeits may not work like the original and may be a danger to you and your patients.