MIXPAC™ T‑Mixer™ Colibri™ Plus Breakable


MIXPAC T-Mixer Colibri Plus Breakable is the latest line extension to our T-Mixer family. Designed for improved precision and increased flexibility.

T-Mixer Colibri Breakable Plus Advantages

  • Increased workflow efficiency since fewer assembly steps are needed due to the integrated stainless steel cannula and built-in breaking zone.
  • Safe and precise application.
  • Easy access to difficult to reach areas.
  • Constant flow of material even when the cannula is bent.
  • Consistent handling with no change in the workflow.
  • Less storage space and material needed.
  • Easy, precise and safe application due to ergonomic handling.
  • Simple selection of the mixing tip.

Discover T‑Mixer mixing technology


The shortened length of the T‑Mixer reduces material waste compared to conventional helical mixing tips combined with homogeneous mixing results and precision clinical application.


The latest mixing technology that revolutionizes the principle of static mixing. The compact T‑Mixer generation provides homogenous and consistent mixing results with precision application each and every time as well as reduced waste to save money.

Individual polymer chains are evenly distributed to achieve an efficient cross-linking reaction of the two components, which results in homogeneous mixing quality.


One mixing tip for various indications

T-Mixer Colibri Breakable Plus is used for 18 to 75 mL Systems.

Impression of root canal

Impressions of preparations


Core build-ups

Cementation of root post


One mixing tip for various indications
Impression of root canal
Impressions of preparations
Core build ups
Cementation of root post



Dr. Eric Van Dooren Antwerp, Belgium

“Being able to use almost the same mixing tip for the majority of clinical situations is an absolute must to minimize inventory and storage requirements in my dental practice. It’s easier to use an all-in-one mixing system without the need to attach an intra oral tip in order to receive the key advantages of accurate application, while the anterior part of the mixing tip can be quickly and easily removed which allows for very fast dispensing/application.”

Dr. Stefen Koubi, Associate Professor, Operative Dentistry University of Marseille

"MIXPAC T-Mixer Colibri Plus Breakable simplifies selection of the mixing tip, since it provides dentists with an innovative, versatile and efficient mixing application system indicated for multiple types of prosthetic materials and applications."

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The shortened length of the T-Mixer mixing tip reduces material waste by up to 40 percent* compared to conventional helical mixing tips combined with homogeneous mixing results and precision clinical application.


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