Our product brands


At medmix, we are a brand of famous brands. Spanning two business areas and 5 business segments. Click the brands to find out more.

MIXPAC™ Dental​

MIXPAC is the original for innovative 1- and 2-component system solutions used to accurately mix, dispense and apply different types of dental materials for a variety of applications.


Specialist in designing, developing and manufacturing advanced drug delivery systems such as self-injection pens and autoinjectors. Based on our proprietary intellectual property we have products and solutions for small to large pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers.


transcodent provides a wide range of sterile, state-of-the-art dental needles for anesthetic injections, endo irrigation/evacuation and paste applications​.

medmix Surgery

A leading provider of surgical delivery devices in the areas of tissue treatment and bone repair, with renowned products including mixing devices.

Mixpac: Beware of Counterfeits

Successful outcomes always begin with Swiss Quality. Don’t be fooled by counterfeit copies. Beware of counterfeits and Identify the original in three steps.



As the name suggests, the industry and beauty business area is split into two business segments. You can find out about them below.


GEKA are a leading producer of high-precision beauty applicators including mascaras, lip gloss, concealers, micro brushes and beauty tools.

Mixpac Industry

Mixpac™ is the leading system provider in the area of mixing, dosing and applying for industrial applications.


COX™ is providing a wide range of professional, everyday dispensers and is a well-known and trusted brand.


MK™ is the specialist for customized, high-quality dispensing solutions.