German engineered products for comfort and safety.

Global transcodent General Needles

medmix provides a wide range of sterile, state-of-the-art dental needles for anesthetic injections, endo irrigation/evacuation and paste applications - from the leading brand transcodent.

Our products

Our long-term dental trading and industrial partners appreciate our unique and customized products, manufactured in Germany by medmix Deutschland GmbH.

Injection Needles

Designed for effective and safe delivery of anesthetic solution to ensure optimal patient comfort.

Suction Needles

Designed for effective suction in areas with difficult access such as root canal or in a surgical site during oral surgery.

Irrigation Needles

Double- and single-sided vent irrigation needles for increased safety and efficacy of endodontic irrigation.

Paste Needles

Sterile single-use Paste Needles, designed for effective paste application in periodontal pockets.