transcodent™ Paste Needles

Sterile single-use Paste Needles, designed for effective paste application in periodental pockets.

Products transcodent Global Paste Needles

When it comes to reduced pain and more precision, transcodent is the name dentists trust.

Gingivitis and Peridontitis - these Periodontic diseases are associated to bacterial colonization of tooth surfaces (plaque) and affect the tissues that support the teeth, that is the gums, periodontal ligament and alveolar bones. Sterile transcodent Paste Needles are designed for superficial, external application of dental ointments, solutions and pastes on the gingival mucosa and into gingival pockets, including Periodontic irrigation, gel application and local drug delivery.

Cylinder ampoules & Luer / Luer Lock Paste Needles

23 G, 21 G, 20 G

0.9 X 42 mm, 0.9 x 32 mm, 09 x 23 mm, 0.8 x 23 mm, 0.6 x 23 mm

Red, Green, Blue, Yellow


Product features and benefits

  • Rounded Tip: for the application in periodontal pockets
  • Cylinder Ampoule plastic base, suitable for multiple-use cylinder ampoule syringes
  • Luer Lock plastic base, suitable for Luer and Luer Lock single-use syringes
  • Easy to bend
  • EO sterilized

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