transcodent™ Suction Needles

Designed for effective suction in areas with difficult access such as root canal or in a surgical site during oral surgery.

Products transcodent Suction

When it comes to reduced pain and more precision, transcodent is the name dentists trust.

The transcodent Suction system stands for precise evacuation with maximal field of view for variety of uses, comprising endodontic treatment and precision suctioning during restorative treatment or surgery. For aspiration and removal of blood, saliva, debris, and water during a dental procedure the transcodent Luer Lock Handpiece can ideally be combined with transcodent Suction Needles. Paired with transcodent Endo Evacuation Needles the suction system even more allows very precise root canal drying.

Suction Needles for use with Luer Lock Handpiece

20 G, 18 G, 16 G, 14 G

2.1 x 39 mm, 1.6 x 39 mm, 1.2 x 39 mm, 0.9 x 39 mm

Green, White, Pink, Yellow


Product features and benefits

  • Easy to bend, Thin-wall, Thin annealed steel cannula enhances field of view and accessibility
  • Rounded tip minimizes trauma to soft/hard tissue

Endo Evacuation Needles

30 G , 27 G

0.3 x 32 mm ,0.4 x 32 mm

Yellow, Grey


Designed for effective suction in areas with difficult access such as root canal. Recommended for use with transcodent Luer Lock Handpiece.

Product features and benefits

  • Apical side vent
  • For suction near the apex
  • 4 laser markings
  • For use with the Luer Lock Handpieces

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