Disposable Static Mixers

A mixer for every application.

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medmix Industry offers a wide range of static and some dynamic mixers compatible to cartridge-based systems and other meter-mix-dispense equipment. Mixing tips for two-component materials such as industrial adhesives and sealants are available in various designs, diameters and lengths to meet the requirements of specific applications.

Some of your Benefits

  • A mixer for every application
  • Compatible with cartridge systems
  • Swiss premium quality

We offer a fantastic range of static and dynamic mixers compatible with most cartridge-based systems and other meter-mix-dispense equipment. Mixing tips for two-component materials, such as industrial adhesives and sealants, are available in various designs, diameters, and lengths to meet the specific requirements.

Mixers are available in various sizes to fulfill the application's needs, for example, minimal waste volume or high dispensing rate. Mixers differ in inlet type, mixer element type, diameter, and outlet/tip geometry.

About mixing geometries

Conventional bell-inlets generally fit the most common cartridges and meter-mix equipment. Threaded connections ensure ease of use. Our proprietary interfaces guarantee the highest metering accuracy together with the coded and separated cartridge outlets (K-, B- and F-Systems). Special modifications are available for very high and low viscosity materials (Blueline™/MixCoat™).

About Mixing Elements

We have a long history of mixing competence in various industries from the smallest volumes for industrial applications to high flow applications in construction.

Every material and application requires dedicated application systems, where the mixing tip is an integral part of multi-component systems. Also, the mixing geometry has to be chosen accordingly, therefore, we have developed proprietary solutions.

MIXPAC™ mixing tips are well-renowned and reliable types of static mixers for laminar flows. We offer variously scaled models within our portfolio.

MIXPAC owns valuable trademark protection for the shape of its products. Our mixing tips are available in gray color and any diameter, length, type or application.

Genuine MIXPAC mixing tips have the MIXPAC brand stamped on the top edge of the gray dome.

The QUADRO™ mixer is an advanced mixer design that sets the standard in the industry. The unique QUADRO™ mixer geometry allows us to build the mixer in a very compact and short way. In each mixing element, the number of formed layers is doubled. This specific geometry results in virtually ideal layer forming. As a result, the QUADRO™ mixer has outstanding mixing performance, is extremely short, and has a very low-pressure drop compared to other mixer designs.

About the Tip outlet

The outlet geometries and compatible accessories enable dispensing of materials like beads, stripes, or dots in various shapes, and also specialized applications like spraying. Customized solutions are also available through our partners in the market.

Tapered tip for precise application of fine beads or into gaps, Luer slip tip to attach Luer tips for even more precise applications, straight tip for maximum flow, threaded connection to 1-component nozzles. Stepped tip as standard with the possibility to cut back to the required outlet diameter - also combined with accessories – Luer lock adapters and bead spreaders.

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