MIXPAC™ ecopaCC™

Improve your carbon footprint with our collapsible, sustainable, and high-performing 2-component packaging!


MIXPAC™ ecopaCC™ – The revolutionary 2-component packaging solution

The ecopaCC™ collapsible cartridge is your compact solution with a sustainable concept. With its foldable design, ecopaCC™ not only helps you to reduce waste, but also minimizes the space required for storing and shipping. As a manufacturer, seller, or end-user, you benefit from reduced costs and emissions. With its proven quality in many construction applications, ecopaCC™ adds green value to your performance!

Significant reduction of plastic packaging waste!

With the collapsible cartridge concept, you minimize the remaining packaging waste up to one fifth! Moreover, ecopaCC™ reduces CO2 emissions and helps to reduce space per item due to its pre-collapsed packaging. That leads to less warehouse space and lower transportation efforts.

Sustainability is more than a word – it becomes an economical fact!

Make your sustainable choice

Up to 85% less storage*

Up to 85% less transportation volume

Interested in reducing transportation costs and plastics waste?

Get more details on the ecopaCC™ system:

See how ecopaCC™ works and saves transportation costs and waste

on the filling, labeling to the transportation

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Demonstrating excellent values

Remarkable cost savings

Throughout the value chain on transportation, storage and disposal

100% Compatible

With our wide range of dedicated dispensers and mixing tips for best results

Enhanced performance

Due to improved barrier properties and shelf life

Environmental friendly

Sustainable downsizing improves the ecological footprint and contributes to global initiatives

“Focusing on the entire value chain, we go more sustainable and save costs”

Christian Majoleth    Product Manager, Construction Industry


Swiss quality shows itself in the details

ecopaCC™ gives the system versatility a boost by featuring outperforming properties. Discover the reliable product quality of the new cartridge generation:

1. 100% leak proof
Due to new proprietary overmolding technology and no more pistons.

2. High-tech multilayer film
Up to 7 high-tech films with multiple functional layers and dedicated properties guarantee for enhanced barrier properties and improved shelf life.

3. Pre-collapsed cartridge
Saves costs due to notable reduction of storage and transportation space needed.

4. Reusable support sleeve
Used with the ecopaCC™ for dispensing. It is made of resistant materials like aluminum and can be customized to your needs.


ecopaCC™ compatible 2-components dispensers

Much more than the sum of its parts!



Eco-designed for a wide range of applications

Chemical anchoring

Structural bonding


Crack repair


Perform with the full system approach

We offer the new ecopaCC™ cartridge with a wide range of dedicated dispensers and mixing tips. Consequently, the best results in mixing quality and metering are guaranteed, for all types of adhesive applications.

Product specifications

Volume: 600 mL/ Ratio: 1:1

Volume: 600 mL/ Ratio: 1:3

Volume: 1500 mL/ Ratio: 1:1

MIXPAC™ mixing tips

MIXPAC™ is the leading system provider in the area of mixing, dosing, and applying.


QUADRO™ mixing tips set the standard for bonding and sealing applications.

COX™ dispensers

COX™ provides a wide range of professional, practical dispensers.

MK™ dispensers

MK™ is the specialist in customized high-quality dispensing solutions.


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