Be safe with the original QUADRO™ Mixing Tips

QUADRO mixing tips are not characterized by outstanding mixing performance alone.

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You easily recognize the advanced mixing elements by their characteristic design features and the protected trademarks. Look for the QUADRO logo, the quadratic shape as well as the colored mixing element and interface.

For the quality and safety of your work

With the original QUADRO mixing tips, you and your customers can rely on maximum quality as well as on highest precision, safety, compatibility and efficiency.


Accurate results

Excellent mixing quality

Optimal homogenous mixing quality

Compatible Swiss quality system

Professional customer service

How to identify genuine QUADRO mixing tips

QUADRO mixing tips are characterized by the following four features. You and your customers can only be sure of the genuine QUADRO quality, if all of those four required features are met:

QUADRO Seal of Quality

The whole range of QUADRO mixing tips includes the QUADRO Seal of Quality. They are available in many diameters, lengths and types for different applications.

The original QUADRO Colors and Shape

LOOK FOR the unique and distinctive Green and White mixing tip design to assure genuine QUADRO mixing tips.


QUADRO brand

Genuine QUADRO mixing tips also include the QUADRO brand on the mixer


Swiss technology

Genuine QUADRO mixing tips are designed in Switzerland.


Unique design at first glance

QUADRO mixing tips set the standard for bonding and sealing applications. The unique QUADRO mixer geometry for 2-component material allows a very compact design and results in virtually ideal layer forming.

With the original you do it once not twice

Find out, how low quality imitations affect your business: Avoid safety risks, defective products, and failed applications. Proven QUADRO quality satisfies your customers, maintains your reputation and improves business success.

Internet bargain or risky business

Ordering low-cost equipment via online marketplaces may look like a quick win but failed applications cost money.

Risk of legal actions

medmix enforces its rights against low-cost and low-quality manufacturers to protect its customers.

Risk of failure

Defective copies can lead to failed applications.

Poor results

  • Unmixed materials
  • Unpredictable and inaccurate results
  • Risk of additional costs and waste


  • Incompatible components
  • Leakage or cross contamination

Protect your business with the original

Order from reliable sources

medmix works with trusted partners that offer genuine and reliable products.

Benefit from customer service

medmix provides excellent support, e.g. in case of product-related or handling questions.

Accurate results

Advanced dispensing and mixing technology provide accurate application results. You minimize your risks of rework and rejections.

Better workflow with less impact

Advanced technology helps you to easily set up our system components and to improve your workflow.

Rely on a qualified superior system

medmix is well known for its system approach with reliable interaction between all components.


The original medmix components designed with Swiss technology are manufactured according to Certified Management Systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14644, ISO 14001,OHSAS 18001). They ensure a homogeneous, consistent mixing performance of different types of adhesives, sealants or other reactive 2-component materials. Due to the highest quality standards medmix dispensing and mixing systems minimize the risk of streaks or voids.


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