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“Our research is dedicated to enhancing the safety, reliability, performance, and sustainability of 1K and 2K adhesive application systems. Through our multi-disciplinary research activities in fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, material science, and sustainability, we ensure the use of the latest technology in the development of our products. Dive into our field of expertise by reading our expert articles below or contact our specialist at”

Jim Giger

Head of Technology Development

Mixing Technology

Introduction in Mixing Technology

As already mentioned above, two-component adhesives are being used ...

Parameters to quantify mixing efficiency of static mixers

Depending on the material to mix and the pre-defined application, different mixer...

Influence of rheology on mixing behavior in static mixers

When selecting the optimum static mixer, the rheological properties of the starting...

Comparison of static and dynamic mixing systems

For mixing 2K materials, the use of static mixers is generally the preferred choice, as...

Numerical flow simulation of mixers

Flow simulations or CFD (Computational fluid dynamics) is an established procedure...

Digital Development Chain

Digital tools in product development

To ensure high functionality and quality and to speed up the market launch of new products...

Fluid Flow Simulations

Flow simulations or CFD (Computational fluid dynamics) is an established procedure ...

Injection Molding Simulation

With the help of the injection molding simulation, the process of the injection...

Structural mechanics Simulation

The finite element analysis (FEA) is an established procedure for the calculation of ...

Sustainable product development

Sustainable product development at medmix

Sustainable product development for 2-component dispensing systems.

The challenge of developing sustainable solutions using the example of two-component plastic packaging for adhesives

The topic of sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the development of ...

Product Related Technologies

Air-Free Filling and Storage of Cartridges (Airfreeness)

Advancing Mixing Quality by Air Free Filling and Storage of Cartridges

Unlocking the full potential of MIXPAC™ ecopaCC™

Filling, labeling, and transportation