ecopaCC™ compatible 2-components dispensers

Much more than the sum of its parts!


The MIXPAC™ ecopaCC cartridge is compatible with a wide range of dedicated dispenser for all kinds of applications.

You can find examples of compatible battery, manual and pneumatic dispensers here.

Note: the matching support sleeve is required to use with the ecopaCC cartridge, with the standard dispensers.

Integrated ecopaCC™ dispensers

Experience the new ecopaCC sustainable range, designed to support our new ecopaCC cartridges.

COX ElectraFlow™ Dual Ultra 600 1:1

A two-component 600mL electric dispenser powered by Bosch Professional 18V Li-ion batteries.

MK™ H288M 600 1:1

A two-component manual bead dispenser for 600mL cartridges.

MK TS488 XM 600 1:1

A two-component pneumatic bead dispenser for 600mL cartridges.

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Improve your carbon footprint with our collapsible, sustainable, and high-performing 2-component packaging!

COX™ dispensers

COX™ provides a wide range of professional, practical dispensers.

MK™ dispensers

MK™ is the specialist in customized high-quality dispensing solutions.

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