Sulzer Mixpac files a legal complaint against Kettenbach/Xinial dental mixing system

    November 30 2021, New York (NY)


    Sulzer Mixpac announces it has filed a legal complaint against the Kettenbach/Xinial dental mixing system. Sulzer Mixpac AG vs. Kettenbach GmbH and CO KG, Kettenbach LP, XINIAL Systems GmbH and Co KG. Sulzer Mixpac filed the legal case in the U.S. District Court in New York in view of a new dental mixing system offered by Kettenbach. This complaint alleges that the Kettenbach system infringes Mixpac’s patent, Mixpac’s “X” trademark and is being sold using false advertising designed to confuse customers. A parallel case against the German defendants was subsequently filed also at the District Court in Düsseldorf for infringement of the German part of the corresponding European patent. The launch of the Kettenbach/Xinial dental mixing system was released at the 2021 Greater New York Dental Meeting (GNYDM) where new products are generally introduced.

    For decades, Mixpac’s application systems (cartridges, mixing and application tips and caps) has been the preferred choice of dental material manufacturers and dentists. Mixpac owns a patent for the connection between the cartridge and mixing tip which has been infringed upon by the Kettenbach system. Mixpac has used its distinctive “X” brand for its system which was infringed upon by the Xinial “X” logo. This legal complaint also alleges that Kettenbach has advertised its new system using false or misleading marketing claims regarding the performance of the Kettenbach system compared to Mixpac’s mixing tips. The Kettenbach/Xinial system is not compatible with Mixpac cartridges or mixing tips.

    Mixpac offers the award-winning T-Mixer™ which offers reduced material waste.

    Mixpac also owns patents that cover its mixing technology.

    Mixpac uses a well-recognized “LOOK” related to its trademark message – only genuine mixing tips have MIXPAC™ stamped on the top edge. Manufactured in a modern robotic clean room factory in Switzerland, Sulzer Mixpac dental products are engineered to consistently mix and apply various type of dental compositions for reliable and consistent results.


    Sandra Marcinkeviciute

    Dental Marketing Manager

    41 79 441 73 96