MIXPAC™ greenLine™ 200mL and 400mL F-Systems

Reduce CO₂ with cartridge systems made with up to 100% recycled materials.

Minimize your carbon footprint while maximizing performance with our advanced two-component cartridge sets

The MIXPAC greenLine F-System cartridge sets are made from up to 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) material. Reduce your carbon footprint and meet the highest possible requirements of your customers.

A drop in solution:
Switching from existing MIXPAC cartridge systems made out of conventional Polypropylene to a greenLine version made from recycled plastics cannot be any easier.



Our MIXPAC greenLine 400mL 1:1 cartridge set has won the 2024 BIG Innovation Award in the category of “construction”.



greenLine Solution Approach

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1. Mixing tip compatability

With wide range of F-System mixing tips: QUADRO™ mixing tips MFQ or helical mixing tips MFH.

2. PCR PP Bayonet Ring

The secure mixing tip attachment prevents cross-contamination and ensures 100% safety

3. Nose plug with patented locking system

PCR High Density Polyethylen (PCR HDPE) nose plug with patented locking system

4. PCR PP Cartridge

Made of PCR, the side-by-side cartridge set consists of a solid and robust cartridge body.

5. MIXPAC self-venting piston

Made of PCR PP and PCR Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), our self-venting pistons allow a fast and efficient removal of the entrapped air during a one-step piston insertion operation.

6. Dispenser compatibility

Compatible with our MIXPAC, MK and COX two-component dispensers

7. MIXPAC DM2X Dispenser

Compatible with two-component dispensers for 400mL 1:1, 2:1 and 200mL 1:1 and 10:1 cartridges

Reduce CO₂ with the highest possible quality and performance by MIXPAC

Our greenLine F-System cartridge sets help you to ensure safe quality processes and improve your eco balance:

- Our greenLine F-System cartridge sets reduce reduce the carbon footprint by up to 39%*

- Resealable without cross-contamination risk at the outlet

- High mixing performance

- High leakproofness and long-term stability

- Mixing tips can be assembled quickly, safe, and easy to use

- Minimal application material waste volume


Perform with well proven F-System quality

The F-System cartridge Sets out of PCR material enable you to perform with a well-proven mixing and dispensing solution designed and engineered with highest Swiss Quality:

- System approach with optimal mixing tips and dispenser for every application

- Simplified one-step piston insertion

- Fast and efficient removal of entrapped air

- Easy cartridge positioning and exchange

- Dispensers with dual-drive and ergonomic handle for one-handed operation, swift and easy to use

- Fully compatible with F-System mixing tips and F-B interface converters


greenLine 400mL cartridge is also compatible with our greenLine dispenser - get more info

"We are constantly looking for product solutions, which can support our business customers' sustainability efforts. Our innovative greenLine™ product family offers you the chance to stay ahead in this modern industrial era."

Ali Khatibi - Product Manager Market Segment Industry

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*medmix has decided to calculate the carbon footprint of some of its products and share this information with its business customers. You may use this information for calculating the carbon footprint of those of your products which have been manufactured using medmix products. Any further sharing of medmix’ carbon footprint data is not permitted, unless explicitly approved by medmix in writing. This data is provided without any guarantee and any and all liability in connection with the use of this data is herewith explicitly excluded.