Flock-free elastomer bristles help ensure for a contamination-free surface for optimal esthetics


Efficient material release ensures the desired amount of material is applied onto the surface, reducing material waste.


Precise soft, pliable head provides easy intraoral access in difficult and tight-fitting areas.


Universal, flexible, single-diameter head size is well-suited for a variety of different clinical applications and types of dental materials.

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1. Zero flocks

ZerofloX is FLOCK-FREE. Its fiber-free elastomer bristles eliminate loss of adhesively-fixed fiber flocks, which could remain in the final restoration as debris*.

The results do not simply look good – they look genuinely perfect.

*Journal of Dentistry, Vol. 127, Dec. 2022, 104320

Courtesy of Prof. Fabio M. Salomão DDS, MsC, PhD, Brasil.

Courtesy of Prof. Fabio M. Salomão DDS, MsC, PhD, Brasil.

2. Zero trouble

ZerofloX is PRECISE. Its soft, pliable head allows easy intraoral access in difficult-to-reach, tightfitting or irregular areas. In addition, the triangularshaped handle with two bending points promises ergonomic use.

Treating patients is easy and precise.

3. Zero loss

ZerofloX is EFFICIENT. Its non-absorbing, drip-free elastomer bristles uptake and release a consistent amount of material without depositing excess.

With its optimized efficiency, ZerofloX minimizes material waste and maximizes cost savings with every application.

Source: In vitro testing. PD Dr. med. dent. Tissiana Bortolotto, University of Geneva, Switzerland.

Courtesy of Prof. Fabio M. Salomão DDS, MsC, PhD, Brasil.

4. Zero confusion

ZerofloX is UNIVERSAL. Its flexible but dimensionally stable, single-diameter head size can be used in combination with a variety of clinical applications and dental materials.

A true one-size-fits-all solution that makes application as straightforward as possible!

Product Features

With its flexible, flock-free head, ZerofloX enables pin-point precision access even in complex areas and delivers aesthetically pleasing results.

Soft, pliable head Fiber-free elastomer bristles

Two bending points

Grip handle

Triangular-shaped handle

What dentists are saying

"With its fiber-free monobloc elastomer bristles, the ZerofloX micro applicator has the potential to become the future gold standard in adhesive esthetic dentistry."

Ivo Krejci    Prof. Dr. med. dent., Switzerland

"The ZerofloX micro applicator offers significant advantages compared to conventional flocked-type applicators due to its ergonomic brush head design, which allows for easy access and application onto just about every type of tooth surface/cavity without the loss of hairlike fiber flocking."

Fabio M. Salomão    Prof. DDS, MsC, PhD Universidade Estadual de Londrina São Paulo, Brasil

"ZerofloX sets itself apart from all existing micro applicators and will eventually represent a new standard for the category. During clinical use, my patients experience greater comfort when applying intraoral products. ZerofloX provides better surface wettability and superior durability, allowing repeat use in more than one tooth or restoration, eliminating the need to use more than one micro applicator per patient. This drastically reduces the number of disposable applicators in the clinical routine."

Paulo Vinícius Soares    Prof. DDS, MS, PhD, Brazil

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