Drug delivery

Through our brand Haselmeier™, we offer advanced drug delivery systems such as self-injection pens and autoinjectors that allow patients to safely self-administer liquid drugs.

Drug delivery piccoject d-flex 1150x540

Haselmeier is known for its excellent and long-standing track record in providing innovative drug delivery devices based on its proprietary intellectual property . The company collaborates closely with its customers in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. With more than 100 years of expertise in medical technology, three global manufacturing sites, more than 200 patents granted, and numerous patents pending, Haselmeier helps to improve the health of millions of people worldwide. The drug delivery devices of Haselmeier are used in a wide range of different therapies like fertility, growth disorders, diabetes, osteoporosis, auto-immune diseases, obesity, multiple sclerosis, cardiovascular diseases, and rare diseases.


Whether you are looking for a re-usable or disposable injection pen, an autoinjector, connectivity options and smart data processing or reconstitution options for freeze-dried drugs, our innovative and customizable products can support you.


A highly compact, customizable and fully featured two-step autoinjector with the focus on simplicity, sustainability, reliability and ease of use. PiccoJect consists of only 8 parts and is designed for any standard 1 ml long or 2.25 ml pre-filled syringes.


The D-Flex product platform is designed for fixed or multiple fixed dosages and allows manual, multiple injections with just one single pen! Beside of that, D-Flex can be used for clinical trials and allow connectivity and smart data processing.

In-Pen Reconstitution

A patient-friendly way to administer lyophilized (freeze-dried) drugs. The In-Pen Reconstitution solution is available as disposable and re-usable version.


A re-usable injection pen which allows multiple injections and variable dosage. It is developed for any standard 3 ml cartridge and is made of an anodized aluminum body which provides years of reliability.

Re-Vario™ A

The Re-Vario A is made of high-quality plastic and is our economical version of a re-usable injection pen. The pen allows multiple injections and variable dosage and is developed for any standard 3 ml cartridge.


The D-Flex Logbook as well as the Ecosystem, in combination with our Connected Cap, enable easy patient monitoring for self-injection-based therapies. Both systems make patient compliance transparent and help to successfully conduct clinical trials.