MIXPAC™ cartridge sets

Check out our range of dual cartridges.


Having the correct cartridge set for each adhesive and application environment ensures high process safety which constantly adds value to the fast-growing adhesives market. We offer an excellent range of dual cartridges for industrial applications with capacities varying from 2.5mL up to 1.5L.

Your advantages using MIXPAC cartridge systems

  • Stable storage of the components
  • Precise metering
  • Ease of application
  • Safe and fast filling

Progressive technologies are the hallmark of MIXPAC two-component systems for industry and construction. We offer cutting-edge piston and mixer technology. Vented pistons allow filling materials at maximum speed without air inclusions. The proprietary interface to the mixers delivers maximum metering performance.

The use of the correct cartridge system is critical, especially in the case of two-component applicator systems. The shelf life of the two components, the user-friendly application, and above all, the quality of bonding relies on it.

MIXPAC Side-by-Side cartridges from 50mL to 400mL

The "Side-by-Side" cartridge serves as both the primary package and as a precise metering container for 2-component adhesives and sealants. We offer four standard mixing ratios to accommodate the most commonly formulated products for industrial applications; 1:1, 2:1, 4:1, and 10:1 in capacities of 50mL/75mL or 200mL/400mL; plus, the specific portfolio dedicated to coating applications MixCoat™ with 1500mL capacity. Our side-by-side cartridge sets are also available in various mixing ratios with volumes between 235mL and 1500mL. They cover a wide range of construction applications. All cartridges are available with our patented valve pistons.

About MIXPAC Coaxial Cartridges

We offer coaxial cartridges from 150mL to 380mL with a 10:1 mixing ratio. Some cartridges are available with Peeler technology, which allows you to use dual cartridges with a single component dispenser for “standard” 310mL/10oz” cartridges.

About MIXPAC Syringe Systems

The Syringes meet the growing demand for reliable, safe, and easy to use for small volume systems. Thanks to a range of mixing ratios, materials, and colors, they are suitable for industry and DIY users. Our modular concept offers a broad choice of mixers and attachable accessories. The ergonomically designed dispensing plunger enables even highly viscous adhesives to be applied. Syringe systems are dispensed manually via the integrated plunger as opposed to the side-by-side cartridges which require the use of a matching dispenser.

About MIXPAC ecopaCC™ revolutionary Cartridges

The ecopaCC collapsible and sustainable cartridge has proven performance in a wide range of applications. In addition to reducing waste, it also saves space, while reducing the total system costs for customers. When empty, the cartridge can be detached from a reusable support sleeve and easily disposed of. The cutting-edge dual cartridges are available in several sizes and ratios: current solutions include 600mL 1:1 ratios, 600mL 3:1 ratio and 1500mL 1:1 ratios.

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MIXPAC™ ecopaCC™

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