The Original for the safety of your patients

    The Swiss pioneer Mixpac created mixing tips and system solutions which revolutionized the mixing, dispensing and application of multicomponent materials. MIXPAC™ original quality guarantees the highest reliability.

    The Original MIXPAC Swiss products represent innovation in application. Customers use MIXPAC for the highest quality dental system solutions that ensure precision, safety, compatibility and maximum efficiency.

    Mixpac Quality Seal


    MIXPAC Quality Seal

    Genuine MIXPAC products use the MIXPAC Quality Seal. Look for the Quality Seal and MIXPAC Candy Colors (Teal, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Pink or Brown™).


    All MIXPAC Candy Colors, which stand for our Swiss Quality, are available upon request for mixing tips in any diameter, length, type or application.



    The Original MIXPAC Candy Colors and shape

    MIXPAC owns valuable trademark protection for the shape and colors used in the United States and other countries.


    It`s much easier to identify Swiss Quality: MIXPAC has been developing innovative, effective, high-quality application systems for decades which has resulted in loyalty and trust towards MIXPAC branded products in the dental industry.



    MIXPAC stamp

    Genuine MIXPAC mixing tips have the MIXPAC brand stamped on the top edge.
    MIXPAC Stamp



    Original MIXPAC mixing tips are made in Switzerland and fulfill the highest quality standards.   
     Swiss Quality

    The danger of counterfeits


    Risk of failure

    Improper mixing may cause air bubbles or incomplete setting of the impression material, resulting in inaccurate impressions.

    Poor mixing results
    • Inhomogenously mixed dental materials
    • Unpredictable and inaccurate clinical results
    • Risk of additional costs and time needed to retake impressions and reappointment the patient
    • Loose or improper fit of components
    • Leakage or cross contamination
    • Additional time and cost

    Low quality imitations at a glance

    Risks of using counterfeit products:

    • Dissatisfied patients
    • Damage to your reputation
    • Safety risks to patients during the application

      MIXPAC Mixing Tips


    MIXPAC safety

    Sulzer MIXPAC is the technology leader and regarded as a strong partner with a Swiss attitude towards high quality. We use FDA listed raw materials. We continuously investigate new materials in-house; and optimize and develop application forms-, which are subjected to extensive testing before they are ready-to-market.

    • Structured processes and lean principles as a are the basis for excellent products
    • Certified Management Systems (ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14644, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001)
    • Controlled production environment

    Rely on a proven and superior application system

    The Original Swiss Quality Mixpac components are manufactured and certified according to ISO 9001 for industrial products and ISO 13485 for medical devices to ensure safe and reliable compatibility between all components as well as an efficient time-saving clinical workflow. The end results confirm homogenous, consistent mixing performance of different types of dental materials (e.g., impression materials, composite resin-based cements) with a low risk of streaks or voids as well as material-saving technology to help significantly reduce waste.

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    Sulzer Mixpac AG
    Lucian Fistis
    Area Sales Manager Dental
    Mobile: +39 339 7732931