medmix™ offers medical device components designed primarily for bone regeneration and tissue treatment applications, tailored specifically for business-to-business collaborations.


Our products feature user-friendly handling and facilitate accurate and precise delivery, providing a reliable solution for your medical device.

We are a leading provider of specialized delivery solutions for biomaterials, focusing mainly on bone regeneration and tissue treatment. Our products are designed to facilitate the management of a diverse range of biomaterials, ensuring proper storage, reconstitution, and accurate application. Exclusively dedicated to business-to-business partnerships, we specialize in supporting clients across various medical applications, including orthopedics, spine, trauma, sports medicine, cell therapy, and cardiac surgeries. Additionally, our solutions may be suitable for dispensing hemostats and sealants.


Our medical component portfolio offers a diverse range of innovative products. We specialize in customization to meet your evolving needs as a business-to-business partner.

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We collaborate closely with industry-leading manufacturers to create new application forms and tailored solutions.


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