Through our brand GEKA™ we are a leading manufacturer of brushes & applicators for the cosmetics and skincare industry.

We are a leading manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler of innovative, high-precision beauty application solutions including mascara, lip gloss, concealer, micro brushes, and beauty tools. Our cosmetic packaging experts at GEKA provide a comprehensive range of beauty tools including high-performance applicators, fully finished products, and beauty accessories.





Brush Designs


Years of brush experience


We offer a broad range of solutions from ready to go to fully customized solutions, full service packages and highly innovative and sustainable packaging. We developed long lasting partnerships with the most iconic names in Beauty as well as first-time entrepreneurs.

GEKA Products

Complete packaging solutions and applicators for Mascara, Eyeliner and other beauty products.

Cosmetic Brushes

We are an internationally recognized specialist in the manufacture of both fiber and molded brushes. Our patented brush concepts are unique applicators.

Ready to go

GEKA has a vast stock catalogue with endless combination possibilities for color cosmetic packaging with short lead times and no investment required.

Customized Solutions

GEKA can cater for exclusive customer developments with maximum individuality for unique solutions that set new trends in the cosmetic market.

Micro Bristle Applicators

GEKA‘s micro bristle applicators allow for precise, clean, hygienic, and soft product application.

GEKA Accessories

Explore our world of beauty accessories: we design, develop and procure high-quality cosmetic accessories for leading brands and retailers around the world.


We offer fully-finished, ready-to-buy products from the production line. Our full-service package includes the applicator, packaging, formulation, lab expertise, graphics, finishing, filling, and accessories, all perfectly coordinated with each other and with the brand’s DNA.

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