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As an expert in subcutaneous self-injection devices we deliver innovative, award-winning, customized systems designed to support patients with successful treatment.

With 100 years of innovative leadership in medical technology and three global manufacturing sites, Haselmeier has close to 200 patents and patents-pending. The injection devices of Haselmeier are used in a variety of therapy areas like fertility, growth hormones, diabetes, osteoporosis and rare disease.

With the acquisition of Haselmeier™ in October 2020 we are building on our successes in the design and production of subcutaneous self-injection devices.


Whether it´s your next clinical trial or a couple´s desire to have children – our innovative and customizable products are here to help and support. Always based on our own IP and striving for the highest therapy efficiency.


The new and innovative disposable pen system for fixed or variable dose, that allows adaption to different dose requirements – for example in a clinical trial.


Your technology platform for a compact and reusable pen for variable dose injections. The anodized aluminium body provides years of reliability.


A high-quality reusable pen product and technology platform for an affordable cost. Suitable for variable dose injections, with an easy-to-read dose indicator and safe dose correction.


The only disposable autoinjector for multiple fixed-dose injections. A hidden needle helps patients to overcome the fear of injections.


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