medmix™ provides pioneering devices in bone regeneration and tissue treatment that combine convenient handling with precise and safe delivery.

We are a leading provider of highly specialized surgical delivery devices for biomaterials focusing on bone regeneration and tissue treatment. Our products manage a wide range of biomaterials from safe storage to effective reconstitution and precise application. We focus on orthopaedics, spine, trauma, sports medicine, cell therapy and cardiac surgeries as well as surgical haemostats and sealants.


Our versatile product portfolio gives you a wide range of proven, state-of-the-art applications to choose from, and we can customize innovative new solutions to meet your changing needs as well.

Advanced Biomaterial Mixing Devices
All-in-One Biomaterial Systems
Ready-to-Use Biomaterial Systems

We work hand in hand with leading manufacturers to develop new application forms and customized solutions. Are you looking for an innovation partner?


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