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    medmix shares are publicly traded at the SIX Swiss Exchange. According to the Federal Act on Stock Exchange and Securities Trading and the Stock Exchange Ordinance-FINMA, shareholdings in companies that are domiciled in Switzerland and have at least a portion of their shares listed in Switzerland must be reported to the company in question and the SIX Swiss Exchange if the shareholdings exceed, fall below or reach certain thresholds. The thresholds are 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 33 1/3, 50 and 66 2/3 % of the voting rights.

    Notifications must be reported to SIX Swiss Exchange and medmix. For reporting to medmix, please use the following e-mail adrdress:


    Shareholder register - managed by Nimbus

    Phone number: +41 (0)55 617 37 44


    medmix AG
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