Intra Oral Tip

MIXPAC™ T-Mixer™ mixing tips accessories.

Intra Oral Tip

Snap-on Intra Oral Tips are used primarily for intraoral applications in confined areas to ensure easy, precise and safe dispensing of materials.


White, natural, grey, pink & teal​


1:1, 2:1, 4:1, 10:1


Connects to D outlet​


Two outer diameters (1.4mm, 1.8mm)

MIXPAC System:

18 to 75 mL​

Snap-on Intra Oral Tip facilitates easy, precise and safe dispensing of materials

MIXPAC`s Intra Oral Tips are meticulously matched components, fully interchangeable and subjected to stringent quality-controlled testing to ensure safe and reliable compatibility between all components as well as an efficient time-saving clinical workflow


  • MIXPAC’s mixing tips are compatible with MIXPAC`s uniquely shaped Intra Oral Tips (IOT`s) to fulfill the requirements for the MIXPAC seal of quality.
  • MIXPAC owns valuable trademark protection for the shape, unique looking X marking and color of its products.
  • All MIXPAC Candy Colors™ are available upon request for Intra Oral Tips; and mixing tips in any diameter, length and configuration for diverse material types and applications. The Candy Colors stand for our Swiss Quality.

Losing an Intra Oral Tip is one of the greatest risks during intraoral applications. Severe injury to the patient could occur if the application tip accidentally separates from the housing of the mixing tip and is swallowed by the patient resulting in serious legal consequences for the dentist and dental supplier.