ecopaCC™ integrated dispensers

Supporting the medmix offering for the MIXPAC ecopaCC™ cartridges, our new integrated dispenser is available for all kind of applications, giving long lasting and professional performance more sustainably.

You can find compatible examples of battery, manual and pneumatic dispensers here.

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Improve your carbon footprint with our collapsible, sustainable, and high-performing 2-component packaging!

COX™ dispensers

The extensive range of 2-component COX dispensers includes high performance manual, battery and pneumatic dispensers, compatible with the MIXPAC ecopaCC cartridges.

MK™ dispensers

Well known for quality, reliability and performance, the MK™ 2-component range of dispensers originally supplied by Krøger A/S now forms part of the medmix product portfolio.

For more details and options please contact your medmix representative, contact us on our official adress or visit the official website for our whole dispensers assortment at


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