MIXPAC™ greenLine™ 320 mL 10:1 Q- System

Reduce CO₂ with cartridge systems made from up to 84% recycled materials.

Minimize your carbon footprint while maximizing performance with our advanced two-component cartridge sets

The MIXPAC greenLine Q-System cartridge set is made from up to 84% recycled material. Reduce your carbon footprint and meet the highest possible requirements of your customers.

A drop in solution:
Switching from existing MIXPAC cartridge systems made from virgin plastics to a greenLine version made from recycled material cannot be any easier.

greenLine Solution Approach

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1. Mixing tip compatability

Compatible wide range of QUADRO™ MGQ mixing tips

2. Closure cap

Closure cap made out of 100% PCR PP material

3. Coaxial Cartridge

Coaxial cartridge made out of PIR-PA material

4. QUADRO self-venting Pistons

5. Dispenser compatibility

Compatible with all dispensers recommended for the Q-System


Matching for construction applications
With the Q-System cartridge set, two component materials can be easily dispensed for a wide range of construction applications.

✓ Civil Engineering Building ✓ Construction ✓ Interior Finishing

Chemical anchoring
Structural bonding
Crack repair

“Discover greenLine, where the trusted MIXPAC quality meets sustainability - less CO2, without compromising proven performance”

Christian Majoleth - Senior Product Manager

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