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CIOSP 2024

medmix Brazil featuring MIXPAC at the 41st CIOSP: ZerofloX Product Launch and Hands-on Workshops with the Most Renowned Professors in Dentistry

MIXPAC, a global leader in application and mixing systems, stood out at the 41st CIOSP, held in São Paulo from January 24th to 27th. With a 57sqm booth, it not only presented new features for 2024 but also promoted a unique educational experience, consolidating its position as a reference in the segment.


Hands-on Workshops with the Most Renowned Professors in Dentistry

The hands-on space was a real highlight, bringing together around 400 dentists in practical classes. With more than 20 renowned educators, including Prof. Tininha Gomes, Prof. Paulo Vinicius Soares, Prof. José Carlos Garofalo, Prof. Raquel Passos, and others, MIXPAC provided an immersive experience with its products, enriching the participants' knowledge.




ZerofloX Launch

The star of the event was undoubtedly the official launch of the ZerofloX micro applicator. Redefining the clinical experience for dentists, this innovative micro applicator is glue and nylon-free. Made from elastomeric material, it ensures precision without releasing flocks, being non-reactive to adhesives, and maintaining its original properties. With two bending points to facilitate application, ZerofloX has won the preference of KOLs and dentists, consolidating itself as the new favorite in the category.


The 4th Edition of MOLDAGEM PRECISA (Precise Impression)

MIXPAC officially launched the 4th edition of "Moldagem Precisa" on the third day of the event. This educational project, 100% free and digital, will bring knowledge directly into dentists' homes. With Prof. Fabiano Marson teaching classes from March 4th to 6th, the theme of this edition will be directed at DVO (Vertical Dimension of Occlusion). It is a three-day immersion to teach the protocol for planning and executing oral rehabilitation that involves aesthetic and functional treatments simultaneously.


MIXPAC's presence at the 41st CIOSP was more than just participation; it was a declaration of commitment to innovation and education!

As we gear up for CIOSP 2025, we eagerly anticipate reconnecting with our community to continue shaping the future of dental excellence together.

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