Our Business Areas

Our segments are combined in two business areas to reflect our end market focus and customer proximity: Healthcare and Consumer & Industrial. Our operational and innovation teams are working across all segments and business areas.

Healthcare Logos

Our Healthcare Business area is focused on helping people live healthier and more confident lives.

Our Healthcare business area is divided into the Dental, Drug Delivery and Surgery segments. In the Dental segment, our customers use our mixing and delivery devices for a broad range of applications, such as prosthetics, restorations, anesthetics and aesthetics. The Drug Delivery segment offers drug delivery devices that are used to inject fertility drugs and growth hormones and to treat niche diabetes indications, osteoporosis and rare diseases. In the Surgery segment, our mixing and delivery devices are used to inject bone tissue and to apply hemostatic sealants for internal and external wound treatment during surgical procedures.


MIXPAC™ and transcodent™ well-established global partners in the dental industry for a comprehensive range of system solutions used to dispense, mix and apply various types of dental materials.

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Drug Delivery

We partner with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology players to improve the lives of patients through reliable and precise dose administration.

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medmix provides pioneering devices in bone regeneration and tissue treatment that combine convenient handling with precise and safe delivery.

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Consumer Logos

Our Consumer & Industrial Business area stands for innovative and high-precision delivery.

In our Consumer & Industrial business area, we operate through the Industry and Beauty segments. In the Industry segment, our dispensers, cartridges, and mixers are used in the construction, transportation (automotive, railways and aerospace), electronics assembly, infrastructure and DIY industries. In the Beauty segment, our micro-brushes are used for the application of makeup treatments, such as lash & brow serum or spot correctors, as well as for the application of skincare treatments such as anti-aging serums, e.g., vitamin C serums.


Through MIXPAC™, COX™ and MK™ we specialize in the mixing and hand-held dispensing of adhesives and sealants.

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Through our brands GEKA™ and Qiaoyi™, we are a leading producer of high-precision beauty applicators including mascaras, lip gloss, concealers, micro brushes and beauty tools.

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