Manual, pneumatic and battery driven dispensers for all applications

COX™ and MK™ dispensers are the market-leading brands for handheld sealant and adhesive dispensers. MIXPAC™ as a technology leader and full system provider, offers a complete product range of hand-held meter-mix-dispense systems.

Benefits of MIXPAC
  • Easy to handle and operate
  • Huge product range to suit your needs
  • Premium quality dispensers
  • Almost 60 years of experience

MIXPAC™ System components include dispensers, mixers, and cartridges, which are designed to work together and to provide the best user experience.


COX™ manufactures high-quality manual, pneumatic and cordless one- and two-component dispensers for industrial and construction applications under the brand COX.


MK™ tools designed around the cartridge and with a strong focus on the application. This trademark stands for lightweight yet durable and well-balanced dispensing tools, with unique design.

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