MIXPAC dispensers at a glance

Dispenser for all kinds of applications

MIXPAC DM2X 200/400 1150x540

All MIXPAC branded dispensers are part of an applicator system consisting of cartridge, mixer and dispenser. All MIXPAC components are designed to work seamlessly together

Benefits of MIXPAC

  • System approach: all-in-one solution with interchangeable cartridge ratios
  • High precision dispensers with unique dual drive mechanism
  • Safe and durable tool: premium quality
  • Modern and functional design
  • Effortless operation - high mechanical advantage
  • Manual, pneumatic and electronic - all compatible

MIXPAC dispenser family

Every MIXPAC system has its own compatible dispensers. These systems are divided by cartridge volume. The dispensers vary from manual to pneumatic options. Choose your desired dispenser:

MIXPAC™ DMA/DMB 50/75 mL manual

A manual lightweight and sturdy dispenser designed for easy handling and precise dispensing.

MIXPAC DM2X 200/400 mL manual

At the heart of the DM2X tool is an innovative dual-drive system, which significantly improves dispensing performance.

MIXPAC DP2X 200/400 mL pneumatic

The strong sturdy and ergonomic design is achieved by conducting extensive Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on the frame of the dispenser.


MixCoat spray dispensers DM 1500 and DPD 1500 (w/o spray air) are compatible with the 1500mL side-by-side cartridges and allow for a beading application.