MIXPAC™ System Approach

The MIXPAC System components including mixer, cartridge and dispenser are designed to fit perfectly together and to provide the best user experience.


The benefits of a MIXPAC system

  • Prevents curing of material inside the cartridge
  • Easy reinstallation for later use
  • No cross contamination between several uses
  • Safe operation with compatible dispenser
  • Superior mixing quality
  • Reproducible and repeatable results

How the MIXPAC system works

A coded interface and separated outlets of mixers and cartridges help to prevent cross contamination. Consequently, curing of the material within the cartridge is avoided and waste reduction is achieved. The coded interface and bayonet ring allow intuitive removal of the nose plug and easy re-installation for later use. To complete the system, choosing an appropriate dispenser from our portfolio will ensure safe operation within the limits of the selected cartridge and mixer combination. Working with the user-friendly and safe MIXPAC system will provide reproducible and repeatable results and ensures superior mixing quality.

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