medmix engrains sustainability into its business strategy

16 December 2021

medmix, the global leader in high-precision delivery devices, is announcing its newly crafted sustainability policy. With a holistic approach that serves Planet, Profit and People, the policy will guide medmix towards its ambitious sustainability targets, ensuring that sustainability is reflected at all levels of the company.

medmix is announcing today the launch of a new sustainability policy. Sustainability is built into the company’s corporate strategy and embedded in daily business – with the necessary management frameworks, systems and processes. The company has introduced ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) metrics into its compensation framework to align performance with compensation, by including ESG objectives for all of the company’s Long-Term Incentive eligible leaders. 

medmix’s sustainability policy follows a three-tiered approach according to its three main priorities: 

Planet – the company commits to reducing its global carbon footprint, enabling low carbon energy use at their sites and reducing air freight. medmix also pledges actions to protect the environment, prevent pollution to air, soil and water, and reduce its environmental impact by minimizing waste and water usage 

Profit – the company will provide sustainable technologies with long-term value by consistently reducing the environmental footprint of its products with eco design principles. medmix also commits to increasing the use of Post-Consumer Resin (PCR) and bio-based plastics where possible, as well as focusing on secondary packing 

People – medmix commits to enabling an inclusive workplace, with an environment of open dialogue and engagement with its employees. The company also undertakes to go the extra mile to support its communities. Above all, medmix is committed to a safe and healthy workplace and to eliminating hazards and health and safety risks for all those present at the company’s sites. 

Girts Cimermans, CEO of medmix, commented: “The implementation of this policy reflects our ongoing commitment to sustainability throughout our business, also anchored in the compensation framework for our leaders. With six of our sites achieving top ratings in EcoVadis certifications - medmix continues to lead the way towards sustainable practices”.

For more information on medmix’s sustainability policy,click here.

medmix is a global leader in high-precision delivery devices. We occupy leading positions in the healthcare, consumer and industrial end-markets. Our customers benefit from a dedication to innovation and technological advancement that has resulted in over 900 active patents. Our 12 production sites worldwide together with our highly motivated and experienced team of 1’900 employees provide our customers with uncompromising quality, proximity and agility. medmix is headquartered in Baar, Switzerland. Our shares are traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange (SIX: MEDX).

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