ZerofloX™: A New Era in Dental Application

From Conception to Revolution

The quest began with a clear objective: to solve the longstanding issue of fiber shedding from dental applicators. Our market analysis in May 2018 identified a critical gap — a challenge that set the wheels in motion for what would evolve into Zeroflox.

By May 2019, ZerofloX was more than an idea — it was a prototype in the making. Hand-assembled with meticulous care, these prototypes were the precursors to a new benchmark in dental care.

The pivotal shift to automation in March 2021 marked a new chapter. It was a commitment to consistency, scale, and the kind of precision that only advanced manufacturing can provide.

September 2023 marked the arrival of ZerofloX in the market— not merely a product launch, but the presentation of a revolution in dental care technology.

The WHY Behind ZerofloX™

The motivation for ZerofloX was clear — to eliminate contamination from lost fiber flocking, a common issue with traditional micro-applicators. For decades, there was a void in innovation within this space, and ZerofloX was medmix's answer to this long-standing challenge and more.

A-New-Era-in-Dental-Application-flock-UV-779x668pxClinical application of Primer (Optibond FL) followed by fluorescent black-light to show lost fiber flocks using a conventional flocked-type micro applicator. Courtesy of Prof. Fabio M. Salomão DDS, MsC, PhD, Brazil

ZERO FLOCKS: ZerofloX set a new standard with its flock-free design. Its fiber-free elastomer bristles promised a pure, uncontaminated experience, changing the game for dental restorations.

ZERO TROUBLE: The applicator's soft, pliable head, equipped with dual bend points, guaranteed unparalleled precision, making it a breeze to navigate the nooks and crannies of the oral cavity.

ZERO LOSS: Efficiency was at the heart of ZerofloX, with its non-absorbing, drip-free bristles ensuring that every precious drop of dental material was used effectively, without waste.

ZERO CONFUSION: Universality was also a key feature. The flexible, single-diameter head of ZerofloX made it a versatile tool, suitable for a myriad of dental applications and materials, thereby simplifying the dental professionals' toolkit.

ZerofloX's transition is a story of innovation. Our state-of-the-art production ensures every applicator embodies the precision and reliability that medmix is known for.


Ready for the Market

With ZerofloX, medmix enters the market as a solution that speaks volumes about our dedication to advancing dental care. It's a forward-thinking product poised to become integral to dental practices, thanks to its seamless integration and superior functionality.

ZerofloX is more than just an applicator; it's a commitment to enhanced dental care. We invite you to experience this leap in innovation — where meticulous design and intelligent engineering converge to deliver an exceptional tool for dental professionals.

Join us in heralding a new standard of excellence with ZerofloX™ — where every detail is crafted for precision, every application is an assurance of quality, and every use is a step toward perfection in dental care. This is not just progress; it's a transformation, meticulously planned and brilliantly executed.

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