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‎ In Vitro Evaluation of ZerofloX

In Vitro Evaluation of ZerofloX

The Zero Waste Revolution in Dental Applications

In the pursuit of excellence in dental care, every detail counts, especially when it comes to the tools and techniques employed by dentists. A recent study by DENTAL ADVISOR has put the spotlight on ZerofloX™, an innovative applicator brush by medmix Switzerland AG, showcasing its remarkable efficiency and zero-waste capabilities.

The study compared ZerofloX with traditional fiber micro applicators and highlighted ZerofloX's superior performance in eliminating fiber shedding. This shedding can compromise dental work by creating potential weak spots in adhesives or causing unsightly fibers at the restoration margins. ZerofloX stands out with its fiber-free elastomer bristles, ensuring a contamination-free application and contributing to the longevity and success of dental restorations.

Liquid Carrying Potential: Remarkably, ZerofloX demonstrated an ability to adsorb less liquid overall yet apply nearly all of it onto the surface, contrary to fiber brushes which retained about half of the liquid. This translates to less waste and more precise application, ultimately saving on material costs and enhancing the efficiency of dental procedures.

ZerofloX-Sozial-Liquid-Carrying-Potential-900x440pxImage source: Dental Advisor Issue Number 25 May 2023 In Vitro Evaluation of ZerofloX™ an Innovative Applicator Brush M. Cowen, J.M. Powers

Bond Strength Performance: The study also tested the bond strength performance of ZerofloX compared to fiber applicators. The results were clear: no compromise in bond strength, with the added benefit of avoiding fibers in the bonding interface that could potentially weaken it.

Pit and Fissure Application: ZerofloX proved its prowess in pit and fissure applications, with excellent marginal adaptation when applying flowable composites. Whether it was pushing the composite into crevices or removing excess, ZerofloX performed impeccably, a testament to its design and functionality.

The DENTAL ADVISOR study affirms that ZerofloX by medmix is a game-changer in dental applications. With its innovative design and zero-waste approach, it not only ensures optimal patient comfort but also supports dentists in achieving precise, reliable results. ZerofloX is setting new standards for efficiency and sustainability in dental care, proving that innovation can go hand-in-hand with environmental responsibility. Visit our website to know more.