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MIXPAC™ T-Mixer™: High Quality Eco-Conscious Mixing Tips

Now Available for the Dental Distribution Network

Marking almost two decades at the forefront of game changing dental technology, MIXPAC T-Mixer is the symbol of precision and sustainable innovation.


Why leading dentists choose T-Mixer?

Eco-Conscious Choice – The T-Mixer has always been ahead of its time, reducing material waste by up to 40%. Its superior efficiency outperforms traditional mixing tips while also aligning your practice with eco-conscious standards.

Precision without compromise – With T-Mixer, every mix is uniform, every outcome flawless. Utilizing cutting-edge mixing technology for efficient, void-free results, the T-Mixer reduces the risk of imperfections and costly remakes to ensure for predictable and precise outcomes.

The ORIGINAL – MIXPAC, the Swiss pioneer of the original mixing tip technology, has delivered unmatched quality and precision to customers globally for over 3 decades. Our T-Mixer mixing tips offers the highest standards with a solid track record of performance for up to 20 years.

Ensures compatibility – T-Mixer ensures for safe and reliable compatibility between all components as well as an efficient time-saving workflow. No more risk of improper assembly, leakage, or cross-contact between dental materials; and no more safety compromises—only the highest level of care compared to low-quality, cheap counterfeit mixing tips.

Award Winning Product & Outstanding Quality

For over a decade, the MIXPAC T-Mixer has received high praise and repeated awards from experts at The Dental Advisor, as Top Product Award for outstanding quality.


The MIXPAC T-Mixer is not just a mixing tip; it's a statement of excellence that consistently exceeds expectations and sets new standards within the dental community.

As we open this new chapter, we invite our valued trade customers to enhance their offering with the precision of Swiss engineering . Elevate the standard of dental care and join us in shaping the future with MIXPAC.

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