MIXPAC™ greenLine™ B-System Set 50mL

Reduce CO2 emissions by up to 36% without compromising performance with our Post-Consumer Recycled cartridge sets


MIXPAC™ greenLine™ stands out for our system approach and its compatibility with optimal mixing tips and dispensers for every application.

Reduce your environmental impact and meet your sustainability targets without compromising quality

We think about mixing and dispensing solutions that fully meet the highest requirements of both your customers and your environmentally conscious company. As a result, we developed the MIXPAC greenLine 50 mL B-System Set 1:1 and 2:1 ratio.

An incremental solution:
Switching from an existing MIXPAC B-System 50ml 1:1 or 2:1 cartridge set with conventional PP to a greenLine version made out of up to 87% PCR PP cannot be any easier. Just exchange it! No change of process or other adaptations are needed.

Our contribution to your sustainability

Recycled packaging

1’250 pcs in recycled bags and a recycled cardboard box

Less waste

Optimal mixer for every application ensures high mixing quality with less material waste


Your cartridge becomes green with: greenLine Set System approach

Ideal for a wide range of industrial adhesive and sealant applications with Epoxies and Polyurethane systems.

1. Compatible
With a wide range of B-System mixers: Quadro mixers MBQ or Helical mixers MBH, and K-System mixers: Helical mixers MKH

2. Closure cap
Easier handling due to the proprietary locking system

3. Interface connection
The cartridge has separate outlets using the proprietary interface connection that prevents the premature mixing of the two components

4. Cartridge
Made out of 100% recycled PCR PP, the side-by-side 50 mL cartridge consists of a solid and robust designed cartridge body

The Manual 2-component dispenser is equipped with a dual drive and ergonomic handle for one-handed operation, swift and easy to use, for easy cartridge positioning and exchange

Recycled cartridge sustainably improves your value chain

The up to 87% post-consumer recycled (PCR) cartridge set adds value to your business with its sustainable key advantages:

  • No cross-contamination due to proprietary interface and locking system
  • Environmentally friendly thanks to maximum yield and minimum dead volume
  • High leakproofness and long-term stability
  • Mixing performance quality of a standard cartridge
  • Safe, quick and easy assembly of the mixer
  • Minimal waste volume

B-System quality perfectly combined with sustainability

With the greenLine™ 50 mL B-System, you can rely on the many benefits of a well-proven high-end mixing and dispensing solution:

  • Modular concept with a complete solution from a single source
  • For a controlled, reproducible adhesive process
  • Increased process safety and control
  • Enables a precise metering, easy-to-use, and ­fatigue-free operation
  • High standards regarding storage stability and transport safety
  • Coded interface and separate outlets

“With our constantly growing MIXPAC greenLine product portfolio, we offer our customers a sustainable solution for a wide range of requirements and markets.”

Cathrin Haas   Head Global Account Management Industry


Get your free greenLine™ sample!

Do you want to know more about the greenLine™ 50mL B-System and how our cartridge set, made from of up to 87% recycled material, reduces your carbon footprint? Get in touch with us for more information, request your personal offer, or get your free samples.

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