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MIXPAC™ T-Mixer™ Colibri™ Plus Breakable: The 2-in-1 Solution Mixing Tip for Dentists

The world of dental care is one where precision is non-negotiable, and medmix's commitment to this precision is embodied in the T-Mixer Colibri Plus Breakable. This revolutionary product stands out as a 2-in-1 solution of mixing tip with integrated cannula for intraoral and extraoral applications for dentists who demand excellence in every aspect of their work.

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Step 1 Bend it


The T-Mixer Colibri Plus Breakable is meticulously designed with an integrated, bendable cannula that allows for the precise application of materials around the prepared tooth structure. This feature is crucial for capturing detailed impressions of prepared teeth, ensuring successful core build-ups as well as flawless cementation of root posts. The innovative 360º rotatable cannula affords dentists unmatched control and customization during procedures, minimizing trauma to soft tissues thanks to its smooth, rounded design.

Step 2 Break it


With an integrated breaking zone, the T-Mixer Colibri Plus Breakable stands as a symbol of flexibility and accuracy. Simply break to remove the front part of the cannula to apply a larger, constant, and controlled amount of material.

Why Switch to T-Mixer Colibri Plus Breakable?

Enhanced Safety & Accuracy: Made for safe and precise application, ensuring peace of mind and confidence for every procedure.

Access to Challenging Areas: Its design facilitates easy access to the most challenging areas, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive treatment approach.

Consistent Material Flow: Even when bent, the T-Mixer Colibri Plus Breakable maintains a constant flow of material, critical for consistent application and results.

Ergonomic Excellence: Its user-friendly design promises ease of use, allowing dental professionals to focus on their work without compromise.

T-Mixer Colibri Plus Breakable can be used for cartridge volumes up to 18-75ml and is indicated for the following:

  • Impressions of root canals
  • Impression Taking (Wash Material)
  • Core Build-Ups
  • Cementation of root posts

By incorporating the T-Mixer Colibri Plus Breakable into their practice, dentists cannot only streamline their procedural workflow but also enhance their overall patient experience.

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