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medmix and transcodent™: Providing German Quality for Enhanced Efficiency and Comfort in Dental Care


Through medmix, the dental industry continues to benefit from the established MIXPAC™ and transcodent™ brands' legacy of quality. Despite new branding, the exceptional standards of our dental application solutions remain unchanged.

From Switzerland to the world, our commitment to innovation has led to over 900 active patents, empowering a global team of over 2,000 employees in 14 sites to deliver quality and agility.

MIXPAC transforms dental care with its precise application systems, while transcodent maintains its high-quality standards for dental needles, now with a fresh medmix look but the same trusted performance.

Our worldwide network ensures close customer relationships and tailored solutions, enhancing dental practices' efficiency and success.

Focus: transcodent Needles

In the realm of dentistry, where patient comfort is paramount, transcodent by medmix stands out as a model with the highest standards. Our transcodent needles are meticulously designed not just to perform but to define the experience of dental anesthesia.

A Synergy of Comfort and Technology

Fear of injections is a significant barrier to dental care, with the administration of local anesthetics being a notable point of patient anxiety. transcodent tackles this head-on with three-edge lancet grinding and siliconized Painless Steel™ needles, minimizing discomfort and adverse effects. The result is a less intimidating experience for patients, enhancing their comfort and trust in dental procedures.

Endodontic Precision

Endodontic treatments come with their set of challenges, including the risk of needle binding, tissue trauma, or extrusion of irrigation solutions beyond the apex. The flexible transcodent Endo Irrigation Needles are crafted to mitigate these risks, embodying increased safety and efficacy in endodontic irrigation. With cutting-edge technology, the side vented needles and closed rounded tips ensure a smoother and safer root canal treatment, contributing to the overall success of the procedure.

Enhanced Suction

Effective suction is crucial for maintaining a clear field of view, especially in areas with limited access. The transcodent Suction system exemplifies precision evacuation, providing optimal visibility during endodontic treatments, restorative procedures, or surgeries. When combined with a Luer Lock Handpiece and transcodent Suction Needles, the system allows for efficient drying of root canals and removal of debris, ensuring a clean working environment.

Periodontal Care

Periodontic diseases necessitate careful and targeted treatment. transcodent Paste Needles are sterile, single-use instruments designed for the precise application of ointments, gels, and pastes to gingival tissues. Whether it's for irrigation, gel application, or local drug delivery, these needles are a vital tool for combating gingivitis and periodontitis, providing both clinicians and patients with reliable solutions for periodontal care.

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